Stay Beautiful Club

What’s the Stay Beautiful Club?

We know how good it feels to have fresh, clean carpets. Don’t you wish your carpets could look and feel that way all the time?We’d like to introduce you to our Stay Beautiful Club!

Here’s how it works:

You have your carpets cleaned and pay as usual. Then we divide that amount into 12 monthly installments that are easy on the budget.
In 6 months we’ll come back and clean all your open areas. This means we will clean the traffic areas and any spots you have without moving furniture.
Then in another 6 months we’ll be back to do another full service cleaning. All this without ever taking out your checkbook. Essentially, you’re getting two cleanings for the price of one!
If your carpet is brand new and you want to keep it looking that way, you can get started right away, no initial cleaning required!

Here is an example:

On January 3rd we clean the carpets in Mary’s home at a charge of $250, which is paid the day of cleaning.
Mary then pays $21 a month for the next 12 months via automatic payment from her credit card or checking account.

In June we return to clean the traffic areas and spot clean the home at no additional charge.

In January we return to clean then entire home again at no additional charge.

Mary is having her home cleaned every 6 months without ever writing a check. She is never embarrassed by ugly traffic areas or spots, and all her friends think her carpet is always beautiful, because it is!

Making your life easy

So here’s the rundown. As part of our Stay Beautiful Club, you’re getting two cleanings for the price of one. You never have to write a check again, the monthly installment is automatically debited for you. The payment is low and easy on your budget. Your price is locked in, you’ll never see a price increase even if we raise our prices for new customers. We’ll call you to schedule, so you don’t even have to make a phone call. If you wish to have extra services such as furniture cleaning, you’ll even get a special discounted price on those services. In a nutshell, it’s

Answers to your questions

Q: How do I know that Winkel Carpet & Tile Care is a business I can trust with my private information?

A: Winkel Carpet & Tile Care has been in business since 1998 and has established a relationship of trust with our clients. We would never risk tarnishing our reputation by being careless. Account information is stored in a secure database and transactions are made using encrypted software.

Q: This seems like a great deal for me, what does Winkel Carpet & Tile Care stand to gain by offering this program?

A: The carpet cleaning industry, especially in the Pacific Northwest, can have seasonal highs and lows. Our summer and fall season is very busy, but in the winter and early spring business usually slows down. The Stay Beautiful program will help spread out the company’s income over the year, making it easier on our employees, owners, and their families.

Q: What payment methods are available for me if I decide to take advantage of the Stay Beautiful Club?

A: There are many options for payment. We can set up a monthly auto-withdrawal from a checking or savings account, automatically charge your credit or debit card, or we can even e-mail you a statement that you can easily pay online.

Q: What happens if I decide to cancel my membership in the Stay Beautiful Club?

A: The Stay Beautiful Club agreement is cancelable at anytime. We believe our customers will be so satisfied with the program that they will want to continue. If you should decide to cancel your membership you may do so with a simple telephone call to our office. Any amounts you have paid will be credited to you at your next cleaning.

Q: Is there a guarantee associated with the Stay Beautiful Club?

A: Of course! Winkel Carpet & Tile Care always guarantees that you will be fully satisfied with the services we provide for you. If you aren’t happy, we want to know about it. We will return to your home to remedy the situation and if you are still not fully satisfied we will refund your money.