Got Dirty Tile and Grout?

We are often asked, what’s the best way to clean my tile and grout?


Well, we know how it goes, you look at your dirty tile and grout and think “I don’t want to spend all day cleaning this darn tile!”  And the hard truth is, once you spend all day cleaning it, it really doesn’t look that much better, right?

There are countless store bought and homemade concoctions that promise to remove the dirt and grease from your grout, but do any of them really work?  Well, yes and no.  They can work, if you are willing to put in the time and elbow grease, OR you can make one phone call and cross it off your to-do list!

A professional tile and grout cleaning will not only clean your grout and return it to its original color, but it will also sanitize the surface, killing nasty bacteria and viruses that hide deep in the grout.  The process is simple:  the professional, trained to do exactly this, will use specialized tools and cleaning agents to blast the dirt and germs out of the grout and off the surface of the tile using high pressure and extremely hot water.  The tools used for this are also under a controlled vacuum, so there’s no mess in your kitchen or bathroom.  They can even use these tools to clean tile right up against wood or carpet without any problems.  So anywhere you have tile, (or granite or stone) can be cleaned using this method.

After your tile is freshly cleaned and disinfected, in most cases you can have the tile and grout sealed so it will repel dirt and grease longer. This way your maintenance cleaning of the tile will be more effective too.  Not all tile needs to be sealed, your pro is the best person to advise you on whether or not your particular surface needs sealing.

So how often should you have your tile cleaned and sealed?  That depends on how much traffic your tile gets.  Usually having your tile professionally cleaned and sealed will make your tile look great for at least a year, often several years.

Want to get your tile and grout clean and looking new again?  Call us today to schedule an appointment 503-533-2396

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