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Relax and Enjoy Worry Free Cleaning

Introducing the Stay Beautiful Club We know how good it feels to have fresh, clean carpets. Don’t you wish your carpets could look and feel that way all the time? We’d like to introduce you to our Stay Beautiful Club! Here’s how it works: You have your carpets cleaned and pay as usual. Then we […]

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Commercial Cleaning Services

Winkel is THE Expert for maintaining and restoring commercial flooring. Whether you have carpet, tile, or natural stone to maintain, Winkel Carpet Cleaning will select the best fit for you whether it’s a one-time cleaning, a restoration project or an ongoing maintenance program. We will explain the options and tailor a program that works around […]

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Fluffy Soft Clean Carpets Bring Families Together

It may not be scientifically proven, but mom’s know that fresh fluffy and soft carpets create happier hugs. Have your carpets cleaned regularly. Winkel Carpet Cleaning’s Reputation, Experience, Education, Systems, and Guarantee is what makes us the The Best Carpet Cleaner in Portland. THIS IS WHAT YOU GET FROM WINKEL CARPET CLEANING Long Lasting, Deep […]

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